What is WD-40?

What is WD-40?

WD-40 is the registered name of a spray that has water displacement properties and is also a lubricating oil. The spray was invented by a company in San Diego called the Rocket Chemical Company (renamed the WD-40 Company).

16 Amazing Uses for WD-40

Ever since it was invented, WD-40 has been used for innumerable purposes. There are numerous accounts of people coming up with different uses for it. Here are sixteen ways in which WD-40 can be used.

1.         Protecting a bird feeder

Can’t keep squirrels away from that bird feeder? Just apply a lot of WD-40 at the top. Squirrels will not be able to grip it and will fall off every time they try.

2.         Getting that ring off

Can’t get a ring off your finger? Have no fear if you have a can of WD-40. Spray lightly on your finger and watch that ring slide off. Do remember that you need to wash your hands after that though.

3.         Glassware that’s stuck

Two glasses placed inside each other and you can’t get them to separate. What are you going to do? Pulling them apart is quite risky. However, if you have a can of WD-40, then there is no reason to worry at all. Spray some of that on the glasses. It will form a thin film between the glasses and voila! You can now easily pull the glasses apart. Do wash the glasses afterwards before using them.

4.         Chewing gum removal from hair

It is unbelievable that in this day and age that this is a problem! However, a problem it is and does it have a solution? You bet. WD-40. At this point you might as well incredulously ask “What is WD-40?”, to which the answer is “a solution for many things!”. Just spray some WD-40 on the hair where the gum is and the gum can be removed easily with a comb. Make sure you wash your hair afterwards.

5.         The insect repellant and exterminator

What is WD-40 you ask? It’s a water displacement spray, lubricating oil and…insect repellant and exterminator as well? Yes it is! If you spray a roach directly with WD-40, you can instantly kill it! Moreover, you can spray it on frames, windowsills, doors and screens to keep bugs out of the house. Do be careful not to breathe in the fumes of the spray and it is better not to attempt this while there are children in the house.

6.         Removing scuff marks

Can’t get those scuff marks off the floor of the kitchen? Don’t give up and just buy some WD-40! WD-40 is an excellent solution for removing scuff and tar marks from all manner of flooring. The surface won’t be damaged and you don’t have to make that much of an effort. Remember that you will need to keep the area ventilated if you have to get rid of a number of scuff marks and wash it down afterwards or the surface may be slippery.

7.         Getting rid of tea stains

If there are some persistent tea stains on your countertop, just spray some WD-40 on the surface and wipe away with a cloth. Make sure you clean the surface with a detergent afterwards.

8.         Winterproofing shoes and boots

You can make your winter shoes and boots impervious to water by simply spraying some WD-40 on them. WD-40 is a water displacement spray and will prevent water from penetrating the material for a period of time, Just avoid sparying on the soles of your shoes! Are there some ugly salt stains on your winter footwear? WD-40 can remove those too!

9.         Stop snow building up on windows

Snowstorm on its way? You can’t do much about the snow but you can stop it from building up on the windows of your house. Spray some WD-40 on the outside before it starts to snow and watch that snow slide right off

10.    License plate cleaning

In order to restore a rusting license plate, all you need to do is apply a little WD-40 and then wipe it away using a clean cloth. WD-40 helps with removing that light rust on the surface and curbs corrosion as well. It’s a simple way for cleaning license plates that are just beginning to rust.

11.    Stop wasps from making their nests

Wasps usually build their nests under the eaves of houses. In order to prevent that from happening, spray some WD-40 underneath the eaves to prevent wasps from making nests there.

12.    Reducing the shine of polyurethane

Sometimes a coating of polyurethane can make a wooden floor shine a lot more than you would want. To reduce that shine, spray some WD-40 on a cloth and wipe the floor. Be sure to wipe off the excess WD-40 so that the floor isn’t slippery.

13.    Loosening zippers

Zippers that refuse to move on jackets, backpacks, pants or sleeping bags will start moving freely with a judicious application of WD-40. All you need to do is spray it on the zipper, pull the zipper up and down a couple of times to distribute the WD-40 evenly. In order to avoid getting the lubricant on the cloth, spray it onto a plastic surface and apply it onto the zipper using a small paintbrush. It is not advisable to spray WD-40 on children’s zippers.

14.    Removing strong glue

Has it happened that you weren’t wearing protective gloves while using that extra-strength glue and now it’s stuck on your hands? You don’t need to worry if you have WD-40 at hand! Just spray some on the fingers that are stuck and just keep rubbing them until your hands are back to normal! You can use WD-40 for removing glue from other surfaces as well. Wash your hands thoroughly after using WD-40.

15.    Cleaning and lubricating guitar strings

After every time you play the guitar, apply a little WD-40 for cleaning and lubricating the strings. WD-40 also prevents the strings from corroding. Spray the liquid on a piece of cloth and wipe it over the guitar strings.


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