What Removes Duct Tape Residue

What Removes Duct Tape Residue


Rolls of duct tape are found in almost every toolbox in the world because of its accessibility, versatility, and the very fact that it sticks like glue. Duct tapes are formulated with what are known as natural rubber compounds that provide for long-term and solid adhesion. But what can remove duct tape residue?

The blessing of duct tapes also comes with a curse because removing duct tape is no easy task. Clean-up after removing duct tape has never been an easy task and you will almost always find yourself in a very sticky situation.

You might be wondering right about know what removes duct tape residue effectively. Well, here are your options:


Option #1: Scrape Off the Adhesives

In the case where the duct tape residue is not too stubborn and minimal, using a putty knife for a minimal scraping session could banish the entire gunk. All you would have to do is start from one end and then slowly move upwards with repetitive scrapes.


Option #2: Dampening with Warm Water

Warm water has been known to be quite effective because it removes duct tape residue without any effort from linoleum, vinyl, and glass surfaces. The heat from the water softens the very structure of the duct tape glue and the viscosity pushes all remaining traces away. If you want to take it up a notch, then add one or two drops of dishwashing liquid or soap and let it sit for about 10 to 20 minutes.


Option #3: Dissolve the Leftover Residue

If you want to completely dissolve the adhesive holding the non-porous surface together, then you should try rubbing alcohol on the area with the residue. We should add, however, that this solvent is unsuitable for painted materials and you should always test on a small area even if you are working with glass or metal.

While working with rubbing alcohol, you’ll find that the liquid quickly evaporates and you’ll see where a little scraping is still required. Don’t overdo it; simply use a rag and soak it in the isopropyl solution.

Option #4: Using WD-40 to Remove Duct Tape Residue

Water displacing lubricants and oils work beautifully as either of them removes duct tape residue very effectively from finished wood, vinyl, linoleum, and glass. The product we will recommend for your situation will be WD-40.

Option #5: Bring the Heat

Hot air is another known factor when it comes to weakening the adhesion and residue of duct tape. With heat in the mix, you will find it quite easy to remove the remaining gunk from any finished or unfinished surface where you are afraid to use water or oil. This method, however, will require a little extra effort.

All you need to do is crank a hairdryer and hold it sever inches from the intended surface. Work around your way in small sections and administer as many blasts of cold air before you scrape off the residue.


Now you are officially an expert in how to remove duct tape residue!


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