How to use WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax

How to use WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax

It can be difficult to keep your motorbike performing to a high level, one way to keep on top of it is to regularly clean and lubricant your motorbike’s chain. Chain wax can help to give your bike great lubrication in all conditions, specifically in wet conditions. Therefore, WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax can help to prolong the performance of your bike and extend the lifetime of the chain. This simple guide will let you know how to use WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax.

Things you will need:

  • Bike stand
  • Drip tray
  • WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax


Step one: Set up

Firstly, you will need to put the motorbike onto a suitable bike stand so that the bike is secure and the rear is free to rotate. This make it easier and safer to apply the product. Place a drip tray under the bike to pick up any excess liquid or spray.


Step two: apply

Once the bike is set up and ready, you can apply the product. Spray the WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax directly onto the chain, spraying into the sprockets whilst turning the rear wheel of the bike slowly in a clockwise direction.


Step three: let it dry

Once you have applied the product to the entire chain, leave it to dry. This will ensure deep lubrication and not just surface lubrication as the product will soak into the sprockets and the chain.



Following this simple guide can help you to protect, lubricate and maintain your Motorbike and it’s chain, prolonging its life and also helping to maintain the bike’s performance to a high level. It is important to know how to complete these jobs as it helps you to save time and money in parts and professional help. WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax is perfect for wet conditions as it has an initial low viscosity but it dries and thickens quickly to prevent whip off. It also has a highly water resistant coating.


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