How Often You Should Clean Your Bike Accessories (And Why You Definitely Need to Get Started)

How Often You Should Clean Your Bike Accessories (And Why You Definitely Need to Get Started)

You are doing your bike injustice if you leave it all dirty. A bike and all the bike accessories are going to suffer from bad consequences if you don’t clean it regularly. Bikes are not very inexpensive so why not do your best to take care of the one you have? A well-functioning bike should put a smile on your face.

Why You Need to Clean Your Bike Accessories?

There are so many small parts and accessories in your bike that should not leave unattended. All of them have a specific function that is essential for the entire bike to run smoothly and properly. If you leave sweat on the carbon fibre frame of your bike, it is going to affect your bike. Similarly, letting the grit accumulate on the drivetrain can lead to the wear and tear on your bike’s cassette and chain. Any dirt on your expensive carbon rims in rainy weather can affect the brake of the bike.


It’s best to not leave your bike accessories dirty. If you want to keep riding your bike without any problems, it is essential to clean it regularly.


How Often Should I Clean Bike Accessories?

After every few rides on your bike, it’s best to clean it (especially if you have been riding it in the rain). The best thing is that with modern tools, equipment, and cleaning materials like WD-40, cleaning your bike and bike accessories is not a problem anymore. You can clean your bike accessories easily with some WD-40.


Any dirt or grit on the moving components of your bike can affect its functioning. Its movement will become restricted and you will have to put in more efforts to ride it than before. You will feel a marked difference in the performance of your bike after you have cleaned it. After giving your bike accessories a good clean, you will notice the difference. Your bike should be smoother(easier to ride).


When you ride a bike, make sure you take some time out to clean it as well. It will increase the life of your bike while also enhancing your riding experience.


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