How to degrease bike gears

How to degrease bike gears

After a while of riding your bike, you may notice that your gears are starting to stick or becoming harder to change. This can happen over time as dirt and grime can be attracted to the chain and gears, and building up around them. You will need to know how to degrease bike gears, what to use to do so and the steps involved. This handy guide will help you get back on your bike with perfect gears.

Things you will need:

  • Bike stand
  • Rag
  • Brush
  • Water from a hose
  • Clean towel or cloth
  • WD-40 Bike Degreaser


Step one: Prepare the bike

Before starting the process of degreasing the gears, it is important place the bike into a bike stand. This will secure the bike and also allow you to work on the bike freely, make sure the rear wheel can rotate freely.


Step two: Apply the product

Once the bike is secure, spray the product liberally onto the gear set making sure you cover each gear. Rotate the rear wheel slowly clockwise whilst spraying the product onto the gears, this allows more of the gears to be covered and also allows for deeper penetration. Leave the product to soak into the gear set for around 5 minutes, this gives additional time for the degreaser to penetrate grime. You may need to agitate any stubborn dirt or grime with a brush to remove them from the gears.


Step three: Rinse

After the product has soaked in the gears for a while, rinse the gear set with clean water from a hosepipe. This will clean away any remaining dirt and grime as well as any remaining product left on the gear set.


Step four: Dry

Once you have rinsed the gear set well, dry it off with a towel or clean cloth. This will leave the gear set ready for lubrication



After following this simple step by step guide, you will now know how to degrease bike gears, allowing you to enjoy your rides more! Regular maintenance of your bike can help save you money and time as well as keeping your bike in great condition prolonging its life and improving its performance.


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