Which Bicycle Accessories Do I Need?

Which Bicycle Accessories Do I Need?

Whether you’re an accomplished cycler, or just got yourself your first bicycle – you will need to think about the bike accessories that you need. Some of the most essential bike accessories include repair kits, safety gear and a helmet. All in all, the equipment that you have is based on your budget also.

Read the article below to find out why you need bike accessories and why to buy them.

Why You Need Bike accessories?

The very first reason to get yourself bike accessories is due to safety. It is important that you protect yourself from getting hurt when riding your bicycle. This is why the right clothing; colours and a helmet should be used.

The second consideration is comfortability. If you’re planning for a bicycle tour, then you’ll be far more comfortable in something that has side panniers. By getting yourself some bike accessories of this sort, you will easily be able to reach what you require without unpacking and packing again. You will have all you will need.

There will be nothing worse than having to fix a flat tire without any tools to do so. So without common sense, it will be a long and painful walk home.


So what bike accessories should you buy?

1.     Clothing

Reflective or visible bicycle clothing is a necessity here. This should be taken seriously particularly which you plan on cycling in the rain, night, dusk or at dawn.

2.     Mirrors

If you are touring or commuting on roads with other vehicles, then you will find that a mirror is quite useful among all bike accessories. They can clip easily on to your handlebars or even your helmet.

3.     Security Locks

If you really value cycling, then you should think about a lock for your bicycle. The better they are, the more expensive they tend to get. Most of these tend to have keys, so make sure to keep the key in a safe place that you won’t forget it.

4.     Repair Kits

Repair kits are going to save you from everything you are not prepared for. Basic repair kits can consist of multi-tool functions for various adjustments, spare tubes for flat tires, tire levers and a puncture kit!

5.     WD-40 – More Purposes than Other Bike accessories

Clean. Lube. Protect. All these 3 elements of your bike’s maintenance will be effectively covered with the help of WD-40. No one wants a rusty bicycle (important to take care of your bicycle chain).  Try out some WD-40 to assist you with bike protection. Apply on a small area to test the product our first. You can view our product range for bikes here.

While all five of these are the most essential bike accessories, you will find that there are hundreds more.

Stick to the most important listed above first before thinking of more.


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