Why You May Want to Buy A Hybrid Bike?

Why You May Want to Buy A Hybrid Bike?

A hybrid bike, as the name suggests, is a mix of a mountain bike and a road bike. It can be used for general-purpose riding over different types of terrains. Hybrid bikes are usually used for commuting as they allow you to move on roads easily and swiftly. This article will help you understand them in more detail.



Hybrid Bike Specifications


Since hybrid bikes are a combination of mountain bike and road bikes, you will find some specifications of both in them. Hybrids usually come with a flat handlebar. This is also found on mountain bikes as compared to a drop bar common in road bikes. The braking and shifting components in hybrid bikes are similar to what is on mountain bikes. Most of these hybrid bikes do not have an STI-style integrated shift and brake levers. This is common in road bikes.

This allows the bike to have a more upright riding position. It doesn’t give the bike a lot of speed, but a safer position especially for riding in traffic.

Hybrid Bike Tires

The tires of a hybrid bike usually have a larger volume compared to road bikes. This gives the hybrid bike more comfort compared to the narrower road rubber. Wheel size is an indicator of the inclination of the hybrid towards a specific terrain. For instance, a 26in format is commonly found in mountain bikes that are inclined towards off-road. Bikes with 700c road style wheels are not the best for riding off-road.


Braking and Gearing in Hybrid Bikes

Braking in hybrid bikes may vary from model to model. The most commonly used brakes in hybrid bikes are the V-brakes. Hydraulic and mechanical disc systems are also commonly used in these bikes. Hybrid bikes usually use versatile gearing. Wide-ranging cassettes and triple chain sets are very common. However, some hybrid bikes have hub gears to make them almost maintenance free. If the user prefers simplicity, then a single speed model is also available in hybrid bikes.



Hybrid bikes usually have fenders on them. These become necessary especially when riding your bike to work. Having fenders prevents puddle and road grime from splashing up on you. This helps you on wets days. They also prevent spray from blasting to people around you. Fenders can be taken off when you are sure that the weather will be in your favour.


Bike Suspension

Hybrid bikes can come with no suspension or front suspension. Most of these bikes do not have any suspension at all. Suspension forks can make pedalling less efficient by adding weight to the bike. Thus, most of the people who ride on paved paths will forego it. Some hybrid bikes have a front suspension that helps absorb impact on the front wheel when riding through rough streets.

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