How to Clean Hedge Trimmers Properly and Safely

It is always recommended to take the best safety precautions when you are handling machinery. This is especially important when you are learning how to clean hedge trimmers. All the cleaning should take place when the hedge trimmers are switched off and disconnected from their power source. By doing so, you will have made sure that there is no chance of accidents from occurring while you’re cleaning them.

Always remember to turn off or unplug the hedge trimmers and wear protective gloves before touching the blade.

How to Clean Hedge Trimmers Properly and Safely

How to Clean the Blades Using Soap and Water

If some of the residue on your hedge trimmer has hardened, then you will have to do a thorough cleanse on their blades. You can begin doing so by using simple soap and water and then using a stiff brush to scrub off the residue.

In most cases, simply doing all of the above will be enough to get the blades clean. It is, however, very important to get all the leftover moisture off them. This is why you should also remember to wipe the blades dry in order to prevent rust corrosion from occurring.

Cleaning the Blades with Alcohol or Kerosene

If you need a more thorough cleaning, then you can’t go wrong with kerosene and alcohol. Rub both of these down on your blades; both of these strong cleaners will do all the hard work for you. Alcohol also has the added benefit of being a disinfectant. Therefore, if your hedge trimmer is carrying any fungal infections or harmful bacteria, then an alcohol wipe will be a smart option.

You can even take your cleaning job a notch further by using diluted bleach for the very same disinfectant job of alcohol. These strong chemicals, however, should always be cleaned off before you plan on using your hedge trimmer again.

Using Specialist Cleaners

There are also some specialist cleaners available in hardware stores that have been made for the sole purpose of cleaning hedge trimmers. So, why don’t you go ahead and try asking your local hardware shop about such products? When you do find these products in their stock, remember to read the user manual first to check whether they have any recommendations of usage for the product.

These products are best for situations where a normal clean doesn’t seem to suffice for your hedge trimmers. Some of these products have been formulated in a manner that can loosen sap and combat all the harmful contaminations from plants.

Lubricating the Hedge Trimmer Blades with WD-40

After you are done cleaning your hedge trimmer and have thoroughly dried off any residue, you should also remember to lubricate the blades. To do so, get your hands on a dry cloth and use it to reapply a coat of WD-40 on the blades with an even distribution.

Now that you have learned how to clean hedge trimmers, go ahead and give them a clean after every use.


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